Club Committee

The offices of the club for 2014 are

President:                                                                                           Jimmy O’ Sullivan, Dan Francis Murphy, Denis Hickey

Chairman:                                                                                           Gene McSweeney

Vice-Chairman:                                                                                Jeremiah Moynihan

Secretary:                                                                                           Donncha Hickie

Asst. Secretary:                                                                                Edmund McSweeny

Treasurer:                                                                                          John O’ Halloron

Asst. Treasurer:                                                                               Denis Twomey 

Auditor:                                                                                               Tim Murphy

P.R.O.:                                                                                                  Mary O’ Connor

Registar:                                                                                              Laurence Hickey

Duhallow Board Delegate:                                                              Seamus Moynihan

Match Tickets:                                                                                  Seamus Moynihan

Development Officer:                                                                       Denis Hickey

Insurance Officer:                                                                           Laurence Hickey/Brendan Hickey/Patrick Hickey/Seamus Moynihan

Irish Cultural Officer:                                                                     Laurence Hickey

Grant Applications:                                                                        Donncha Hickie

Field Management:                                                                        Denis Hickey/Brendan Hickey/Gene McSweeney

Field Committee:                                                                          Gene McSweeney/ Jer Moynihan/ Finbarr O’ Connor/ Jerry Carroll/ Seamus                                                                                                                                Brosnan/Edmund McSweeny

Players Liaison Group:                                                                  Jerry Carroll/Matt Dilworth/Tadgh Long/Laurence Hickey/Jer Moynihan

Social Committee:                                                                          Laurence Hickey/Denny Twomey/Finbarr O’ Connor

Scrapbook:                                                                                       Denis Hickey/ Jimmy O' Sullivan

Club Merchandise:                                                                         Seamus Moynihan

Wash Jersey’s:                                                                                 Seamus Moynihan, Jer Moynihan

Fundraising Committee:                                                             Gene McSweeney/Danny Brosnan/Denny Twomey/Mary O’ Connor/Tim Murphy/Patrick                                                                                                          Hickey/Louise O’ Connor

Yearly Ticket Organiser:                                                               Gene McSweeney

Distribute lotto tickets to pubs:                                                Jeremiah Cronin 

Field Trustee’s:                                                                              Gene McSweeney/Danny Brosnan/Finbarr O’Connor/Niall O’Connor