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Duhallow Junior A Championship
Knocknagree V Kilbrin Sunday 27th April 
2pm in Boherbue 

Ducon Cup 

Knocknagree 2-8  Lyre 2-6 , 9th March
Knocknagree 0-8 Bohorbue 2-6 , 15th March
Knocknagree 1-7 Castlemagner 3-7, 2nd April 
knocknagree 0-12 Dromtarriffe 1-10 , 20th April
Knocknagree 2-11 Millstreet 3-14, 4th May
Knocknagree 0-11 Cullen 0-6, 18th May
Knocknagree 2-16 Kiskeam 0-11
Semi Final, Knocknagree 0-11 Castlemagner 0-13
Under 21 Championship
Pobal Úi Chaoimh V Robert Emmetts, 22nd Feb
U21AFC Q/F @ TBC, 4pm Pobal Uí Chaoímh v Boherbue/Blackwater Gaels 

Kanturk Credit Union JAFC: 

Round 1

1. Lyre v Dromtarriffe - Won by Lyre
2. Boherbue v Castlemagner - Won by Castlemagner
3. Cullen v Millstreet -  Won by Millstreet 
4. Knocknagree 0-14  Kilbrin 2-6 27th April @ Bohorbue 2 pm 

Round 2

Cullen V Kilbrin
Millstreet V Dromtarriffe
Knocknagree V Castlemagner, 5th July 8pm, Millstreet
Lyre V Boherbue

Junior County League
Ilen Rovers V Knockngree, April tbc @ Ilen Rovers 
Knocknagree V Ballinhassig, May tbc @ Knocknagree
O’Donovan Rossa V Knocknagree, June @ O’Donovan Rossa
Cullen V Knocknagree, August tbc @ Cullen
Knocknagree V Tadgh Mac Carthaigh, October tbc @ Knocknagree

Junior B League

Knocknagree 3-9 Glenlara 1-10, 23th March @ Knocknagree
St Johns 1-5 Knocknagree 1-12, 5th April
Rockchapel 2-7 Knocknagree 0-18 13th April
Knocknagree 4-11 Cullen 3-14
Knocknagree V Ballydesmond

League, Pobal Úi Chaoimh v Fermoy, 16th March 11.30pm Knocknagree 

Under 16

Under 14

Under 12

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DateCompetitionTeamsVenue & TimeScore
DateCompetitionTeamsVenue & TimeScore
5th June Duhallow Junior A Championship Knocknagree V Castlemagner Millstreet 8pm  
30th June Junior B Championship Knocknagree V Kiskeam Kiskeam 6pm Knocknagree 4-17 Kiskeam 0-11 
25th June County Junior League Knocknagree v Tadgh Mac Carthaigh Millstreet 8pm Knocknagree 2-14 Tadgh Mac Carthaigh 1-11 
22 June County Junior League Knocknagree V O' Donovan Rossa O' Donovan Rossa 11.00pm Knocknagree 3-12 O' Donovan Rossa 1-13 
13th June Duhallow Cup Knocknagree V Kiskeam Knocknagree 8pm Knocknagree 1-11 Kiskeam 2-19 
7th June Ducon Cup Semi Final Knocknagree v Castlemagner Kanturk 7pm Knocknagree 0-11 Castlemagner 0-13 
30th May Ducon Cup Knocknagree V Kiskeam Kiskeam 8pm Knocknagree 2-16 Kiskeam 0-11 
24th May Junior B League Knocknagree V Cullen Cullen 6 pm Knocknagree 4-11 Cullen 3-14 
18th May  Ducon Cup Knocknagree V Cullen Cullen 2pm Knocknagree 0-11 Cullen 0-6 
4th May  Ducon Cup Knocknagree V Millstreet Millstreet 1pm Knocknagree 2-11 Millstreet 3-14 
27th April Duhallow Championship Round 1 Knocknagree V Kilbrin Boherbue @ 2pm Knocknagree 0-14 Kilbrin 2-6 
20th April Ducon Cup Knocknagree V Dromtarriffe Knocknagree @ 2 Knocknagree 0-12 Dromtarriffe 1-10  
13th April Junior B League Knocknagree V Rockchapel Knocknagree @ 12pm Knocknagree 0-18 Rockchapel 2-7 
5th April Junior B League Knocknagree V St. Johns Knocknagree @ 7.30 pm Knocknagree 1-12 St. Johns 1-5 
2nd April Ducon Cup Rd 4 Knocknagree V Castlemagner Knocknagree @ 8pm Knocknagree 1-7 Castlemagner 3-7 
30th March Ducon Cup Rd 3 Knocknagree V Dromtarriffe Knocknagree @ 2pm  
23rd March  Junior B League Knocknagree V Glenlara Knocknagree @ 2pm Knocknagree 3-9 Glenlara 1-10 
22nd March Under 21 Championship Pobal Uí Chaoimh V Bohorbue 4pm @ Cullen Pobal 2-14 Boherbue 2-10 
March 15th Ducon Cup Rd 2 Knocknagree V Bohorbue Bohorbue @ 3.30pm Knocknagree 0-8 Bohorbue 2-6 
March 9th Ducon cup round 1 Lyre V Knocknagree Banteer Lyre 2-6 Knocknagree 2-8 
Feb 22nd  Under 21 Champ. Pobal Úi Chaoimh V Robert Emmetts Knocknagree 7.30pm  Pobal 0-7 Robert Emmetts 1-10 
10th November  Duhallow Cup semi final Knocknagree v Rockchapel 12pm @ knocknagree Knocknagree 0-9 Rockchapel 3-10 
3rd Nov North Cork Minor League Final Pobal Uí Chaoimh V Fermoy Castlemagner, 2pm POBAL 0-8 FERMOY 1-8 
Thursday 24th October Junior County League Q/F Replay Knocknagree v Killmurry Knocknagree @ 7.30pm knocknagree 0-6 kilmurry 1-6 
Sunday, 20th October County A U-16 Champ Q/F Pobal Uí Chaoimh v Macroom Millstreet @ 3pm  
22th September Junior B League Final Knocknagree V Kiskeam Ballydesmond 12.00 P.M.  
31st August Junior B League Semi Final Knocknagree v Boherbue Knocknagree 6.30p.m Knocknagree 1-14 Boherbue 0-10 
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